About Your Photographer

Hello! My name is Alma and I am a Colorado-based photographer specializing in Wedding, Special Event and Portraiture photography! I pursued my passion for photography after the birth of our first child. Since then it has developed into a successful business, and I couldn't love it more! 

As a photographer, you hope that each photo you take will be special...that each photo will be treasured, even passed down for generations. A photo is a powerful thing. Worth a thousand words, they can cause laughter, pride, happiness. And yes, they can bring tears...of joy, sadness or a little bit of bitter sweet! It is a special privilege to be a part of every photo session!


Born and raised in beautiful Colorado, I now reside in Elizabeth Colorado with my husband and our three children!



 I chose to name my business after my special patron, St. Mary Magdalen.

The name calls to mind the Saint who broke the alabaster jar and poured the precious ointment on Our Lord's feet, washing them in her tears and drying them with her hair.



St Mary Magdalen....

Last at the Cross, First at His Tomb

Who didst wash His feet with thy tears,
Who didst dry them with thy hair,
Who didst cover them with kisses,

Pray For Us!