How does the Mini Sessions Work?

This is a common question, so here is the basic procedure for a mini session!

1. Photographer and client meets at a designated place and time and take photos for 25 minutes

2. Photographer does basic editing on photos , at her discretion and provides a gallery via website with a password.

3. Photos at this time are not downloadable. This is just a viewing gallery. Here you can select which images you would like to purchase. A mini session includes 8 digital images. From this gallery you can select the images you'd like. You also have the option to purchase more photos, or the entire gallery.

4. After making these selections the photographer updates your gallery to the photos you ordered.  

5. At this time the gallery will have each image and they can be downloaded as a JPEG to your computer. 

*Please note anyone that has the password can see your gallery. You may give it out to anyone you choose. The photographer can't restrict any certain user from viewing your photos!

6. You are provided a print release. This allows you to print at the location of your choice and any size you would like. The photographer can provide a list of great labs to provide excellent quality, if you wish. 

Two Forms MUST be completed and signed in order to have a session and photos released. Those are:

~ Mini Session Contract

~ Model Release Form (For any minors under 18 years of age)

(Photos of minors will NOT be taken until this form is received) 


You can fill these forms out below. You may also print the form and bring it with you the day of your session.